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Cat-Themed Brewery in Pennsylvania Is a Total Must-Visit

Lovers of cats and craft beers alike will find something to enjoy at one Pennsylvania brewery! Whether you're local to the Morrisville, PA area or you're planning a 'Barhopping Across America' trip, you're gonna wanna add this brewery to your must-visit list.

Today we're talking about B*tchin Kitten Brewery in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. As the name suggests, the whole brewery is themed around cats! There are lots of dog-friendly breweries out there, but not as many give a shoutout to our feline friends, so it's cool to see one for a change! We are given an inside look at the brewery through the official @bkbrewery TikTok account, and we gotta admit this place is adorable!

For a cat-themed brewery, this decor is super on point! However, this is only a taste of what this brewery has to offer. Watching the other videos they've shared, we can see that the brewery has even more feline decor, a gorgeous patio, gender-inclusive bathrooms, and a delicious food menu with vegan options! And of course, all the drinks have cat-themed names. Staying on brand, we like it! Sadly, for health reasons, they can't actually allow cats inside, but their website says that they donate to a different cat rescue non-profit each quarter.

It goes without saying, but the combination of the internet's favorite animal and the appeal of a hip brewery had people buzzing. "I'M SORRY...... but do you say CAT THEMED BREWERY?!😳🤗😁🍺🐈🍺🐈‍⬛ aka: heaven." chimed in @eat_sleep_art_repeat_. "About to move 2000 miles just to apply." said @postallemon. "D*mn. Beer and cats, 2 of my favorite things," said @ryuthebengal. Saaaaaame.

This has us inspired... we've got to get a running tally of all the cat-themed breweries and pubs across the country. That would make for the ultimate pub crawl!