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Son Puts a Speaker in Granddad's Bag That Plays Cat Sounds and We Can't Stop Laughing

One of the greatest things about having a close bond with family is getting to play practical jokes on each other! No one knows how to push each other's buttons better than family members do, and this can lead to some ingenious and hilarious pranks!

One such prankster pulled the ultimate prank on his grandad, at the airport of all places. This prank was documented by the boy's father, TikTok user @claaa240, who adds "My son put a speaker in my dad's bag and played cat sounds" in the text on the video. LOL! Watch as this devious prank comes to life- he gets his grandpa good!

LMFAO, this is just too funny! It takes his grandpa a second to pick up on the meows, even nudging the bag the noise is coming from without thinking, but once he recognizes the sound, that slow, shocked look over to his bag is priceless!

Commenters were loving this kid's sense of humor. User @dianewoods145 commented "I love ❤️this laughing 😂 my rear off." User @71swampy also added "Perfect!! innocent fun, love it!" Exactly! Too many pranks end up being cruel and mean-spirited, but this one was pure wholesome silliness!

Some remarked that the kid seems to following a set tradition of practical joke humor. User @aguadulce777 remarked "Reminds me of CLASSIC “Candid Camera“ the original and best," referring to the long-running hidden-camera reality show. Who knows, maybe this boy is the first of a new generation of Practical Jokers.

Of course, there was one question that needed to be cleared up. User @irisheyesrsmilin asked "Does he even have a cat at home?" The video's creator replied "😂 Yes." LOL! He must have panicked, thinking the cat slipped inside his bag before he left... but then wouldn't they have found it at the TSA checkpoint? Maybe that's what crossed Grandpa's mind as he pauses before realizing the ruse and laughing.

A+ prank, kid! We hope there's many more where that came from!