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Cat Sanctuary Airbnb in North Carolina Is an Animal Lover's Dream

Cat lovers, if you're planning a trip to Asheville, North Carolina anytime soon, we've got a hot scoop on the "purrrrrfect" accommodations for you! One special Airbnb combines the best aspects of a cat cafe and a cozy cabin getaway for a vacation experience that can't be beat.

Tiktok user @jamiebcrazy documented her recent stay at the Love and Purrs cat sanctuary, a non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates cats, just outside of Asheville. The sanctuary has a private guest suite with a cat door connecting the two areas, allowing friendly felines to come and visit as they please! @jamiebcrazy got to cuddle with soooo many cute kitties, as this video shows!

OMG!!! We can't take it, it's so cute! Those cats look so happy and serene, you can tell they're well cared for. We loved their enclosed "catio" too, giving the cats a safe way to get some fresh air. This place looks like paradise for both cats and cat lovers alike!

Nothing wins internet points faster than cute cats, so naturally the video went viral, garnering over 1 million views and grabbing the attention of tons of feline fans. "What a great way to raise funds for the cat sanctuary! and to promote adoptions ❤️" commented @bamabossnc. We couldn't agree more, especially because you can see firsthand that the money goes back to the cats and their care.

"I would never leave the room, who needs to do vacation things when there’s cats available everywhere 😂" replied user @ashstinykitchen. However, other commenters remarked that this experience actually feels much closer to home. As user @janyeweest said, "Just looks like my apartment." LOL, relatable.

But what happens if you find a cat at Love and Purrs that you simply fall in love with? Well, as the video's creator, @jamiebcrazy, clues us in, "...And the best part - some of the cats are adoptable." That's right! If you make a special buddy on your visit to Love and Purrs, you might be able to bring the cat back from your vacation! Some cats are permanent residents of the sanctuary, and potential adopters must complete an adoption application, but it's worth it to make sure these kitties find a good forever home.

So, if you're thinking of visiting the Asheville area and you want the cuddliest experience possible, check this unique Airbnb out right "meow"!

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