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Woman Runs Into Unexpected 'Character' at LAX and People Are Shook

Seeing random people doing random things at airports is something we all experience when traveling. We're bound to run into quite the characters, though we usually don't use that term literally. But one mom just got the surprise of her life as she was trying to take a video of her baby daughter.

In a clip that's going viral on TikTok that was shared on her account, @hannahmaxfield, she's innocently filming her child, and then she kind of turns the camera a bit behind her. And that's where the whole "unexpected character" thing comes into play. Get a load of what she actually saw! 

LOL. Can you even believe woman ran into a dude dressed like the Cat in the Hat? What the what? People are just as confused as we are, like user @hahalaughstefunny, who said, "Nothing could have prepared me for that." Seriously, we have never seen something so random! People don't know whether to laugh or be petrified over this.

How did this person get through security in that suit? Some folks agree that security was not on their A-game. One commenter, @sweetsockmonkey, said, "No way that’s allowed through TSA". Do you think TSA asked this person to take off the costume, or did they just change once they got in? Either way, this is one airport encounter the people at LAX that day will never forget! 

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