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Video of Cat Visiting Cruise Ship's Bridge Crew Is So Sweet We Can't Even

`Love Bug has everyone completely charmed.

There are a lot of reasons to love a cruise vacation, but we'll admit that they aren't the best places to bring our pets. As much as we love traveling with our furry friends, it's just not practical to bring a cat or dog aboard a cruise ship... unless, of course, you're in charge of the whole ship. 

As Celebrity Cruise captain @captainkatemccue shared on TikTok, her cat (adorably named Love Bug) visited the ship's bridge crew, and it made for the most adorable footage. This cat is living the life on this ship, and she's getting all the cuddles to prove it! 

According to the captain, Love Bug spent more than 30 minutes schmoozing the crew, and she seemed to be loving every second of it! It's no wonder this video is going viral; this isn't just a cute cat, but a cute cat on a cruise ship. Can we have her life? 

People who commented on the video mentioned how much the crew, some of whom likely have pets at home that they're missing, must really love the chance to visit with a cat while working.

"That’s got to be so therapeutic for the crew," one person commented, while another added, "Emotional support Bug for the whole crew." 

Love Bug is living in the lap of luxury, but it seems like she's well aware of that fact. It looks like those cuddles were probably beneficial for everyone involved.