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Bar in San Diego Where People Can Cuddle Adoptable Cats Is a Dream Come True

Tired of the same old bar scene? If you live in or are visiting San Diego, why not switch things up and check out a swinging spot where you can make a new friend- of the feline kind!

Today, we're talking about San Diego's Whiskers and Wine bar. It has a lot of the staples of any good cocktail lounge- great chic atmosphere, excellent craft wines and beers, unique cocktails, and a delicious menu of sandwiches and share plates. What puts it above most other lounges like it, however, is that it also functions like a cat cafe, and is full of friendly cuddly kitties hoping to be adopted! Chris and Ashley of the TikTok account @sdfoodies give us a glimpse inside.

This place has got their three C's covered- charcuterie, cocktails, and cats. And what a cuddly little companion she has! Keep us away from this bar- we'd adopt out all their cats on the first visit!

"My two favorite pastimes: drinking wine and petting cats 😻," admired @michaelalorraine9. Yeah, we'd say this place has pretty much locked in the perfect business model. User @kara__esthetics evidently agreed as well: "Get me drunk with cats? I’ll end up going home with 10 of them😂." "My allergies are telling me no but my body is telling me yess," lamented a conflicted @kmpnbuddy.

"$30 fee tho😳," said one user, aghast. "Gotta feed the kitties!" the video's creator replied. That entrance fee goes to more than just feeding them, though. As their website states, "We would love to be a normal restaurant and serve 60 people at once! Cats get stressed by too many people! So, we have to limit the number of people in our space. Your contribution supports housing and care of the kittens, insurance, support & logistics to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our resident fur babies. Entrance fees are per person."

With all that money going to a good cause, great drinks and food, and cuddly buddies, Whiskers and Wine Bar sounds like the perfect San Diego spot for a night out!