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Stunning North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival Is So Illuminating

This time of year is marked by beautiful light shows and displays all across the world, celebrating holidays and bringing light to the long, dark winter nights. If the usual Christmas lights and Santa Claus setups have started to lose their seasonal splendor, though, consider seeing a light display this season that illuminates the beauty of Chinese lantern art. 

Cary, North Carolina, hosts the incredible North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival every year from mid-November to early January. North Carolina travel TikTok account @nctripping gives us the breakdown on this beautiful festival.  

This is something else- definitely different from the traditional holiday light displays here in America. The holiday theme is present here, but you get a wide display of many other fantastic and colorful creations, all hand-crafted by Chinese artisans. As if that wasn't enough, if you need to sit down for a bit after walking through the light displays, you can take in a traditional Chinese acrobatics show as well! This looks absolutely magical.

And what would a good festival be without food? When we looked up further information on it, we discovered that the hosting venue- the Booth Ampitheater- offers special Asian-fusion treats for the occasion, including Korean chicken sandwiches, spring rolls, and miso ramen. In the spirit of the season, they also serve holiday treats such as gingerbread with whipped cream and hot chocolate- which you can get spiked, by the way. Trust us when we say you won't go hungry as you take in the lights and acrobatics!

"It’s amazing!!!! I went last year, and it’s such a beautiful experience! I recommend everyone goes!" praised @hmwilli2. "It’s so worth it! We go every year," recommended @free2bsesame. "One of our FAVE NC traditions," chimed in @mbwslp66. 

The North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival runs in Cary until January 8th this year. Tickets and more information can be found on their website here.

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