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Woman's Cool Hack for Stuffing As Much As Possible in a Carry-On Is Totally Worth a Shot

While many budget airlines can provide a great bargain when it comes to tickets, they often tack on extra fees after the fact- for instance, charging you extra for a carry-on item. This has led to many budget-savvy travelers developing workarounds to keep the airlines out of their pockets.

One excellent life hack was shared with us by TikTok user @styledzebra. In the video, she explains her predicament: her budget airline ticket was $69, but the fee to bring a carry-on was $70. But what if... she could fit everything into a personal item?

Now this is a pretty clever idea. If you can shrink your stuff down small enough to fit into your personal item, why not give it a try? She does add a few caveats in the video's description:

"You will need to either have access to a vacuum at your destination OR bring the hand pump with you that comes with the vacuum seal bags. I recommend bringing the hand pump in case TSA needs to look at the bags. This is TSA approved (check their website) to use vacuum seal bags! This bag is also the correct dimensions of a personal item for this airline 14x17x8 inches. The weight can be up to 35 pounds and mine was around 20 pounds!"

Would you try this hack? There are some minor hassles- you may have to do some ironing to get out wrinkles- but this is pretty ingenious in a pinch. Plus, you may not even need to worry about a vacuum- as user pointed out, "There are some "vacuum" seal bags that you just need to roll the air out of!" Even without carry-on fees to worry about, this is just a great way to reduce bulk!