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Woman's Guide To Packing Everything Into a Carry-On Is the Ultimate Travel Hack

We're always hesitant to check our bags at the airport. It takes extra time, it costs more, and sometimes the luggage gets seriously jostled around- or even lost! However,  there'd a downside to packing everything into one carry-on: the more stuff you have, the less likely it'll all fit. 

However, those who like to travel light have developed ways to make the most of their carry-on's space. TikTok user @melrwhite demonstrates how she fits all her things into her carry-on, and after watching this, we're never checking our bags again!

This is genius! We loved this- Mel has clearly thought of everything. She's got her clothes vacuum-sealed, but she still has room for her portable vacuum to reseal them and a portable steamer to get out any wrinkles. Those covers for her makeup brushes were a revelation, too- we've gotta grab some of those for ourselves. We also loved the Airtag- occasionally they will make you check your carry-on if they run out of overhead space, so having that Airtag in there in case it gets lost is genius. This is how you pack a carry-on bag! 

Mel's followers were just as impressed as we were by her pro packing skills. "Listen you’re speaking to me because my best friend swear up and down that I’m only taking a carry on to Guatemala," said @livingxelife. "You can do it!!! I took a carry on to Italy and we went to 5 different cities. And I had looks on looks on looks lol," Mel encouraged her. We think everyone who wants to bypass bag check should give this a try.

If nothing else, those vacuumbags can work magic. "I did this as a travel nurse and then vacuum bags be deceiving as heck. The bag was over 70lbs but everything fit," recalled @kierahawkins996. "Vacuum sealing clothes helped me when going to WY and MT. It saved a lot a room for our snow shoes and bulky jackets," agreed @weybritt. If you do this though, just remember to bring along a portable vacuum too... occasionally TSA might have to unpack them.

This has revolutionized the way we think about packing. We're gonna give these tips a try next time we pack!

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