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Video of Hidden Gem Swimming Hole in North Carolina Is Pretty Incredible

From the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky mountains in the west to the fabulous Atlantic beaches in the east, North Carolina is a state with many natural wonders, and it's only recently been getting more broad attention for its natural beauty. North Carolina has much to offer both its residents and visitors alike.

The TikTok account @jensensavannah has been doing a series on "places that don't feel real" in North Carolina, highlighting some of the Tar Heel State's best-kept secrets. Today, we're going to look at a popular swimming spot located on Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, just about an hour's drive north of Charlotte.

Just look at the color of that water! We'd love to take a dip in that lake- the waters look so cool and relaxing. Plus, that swing looks super fun- would you dare to take the high jump?

The appealing waters of Carrigan Farms' quarry lake sent this video into virality- currently, it sits at 4.5 million views! "How much blue dye do you put in the water?" asked @marlawolff. She jokes, but seriously- that water is so bright, it looks unreal! Many of its former visitors gave it their seal of approval, like @lhart30: "I was here a couple of weeks ago!! Marvelous."

While the swimming season at Carrigan Farms is only between May-August and is nearly finished for the year, that isn't the only attraction the farms have to offer their guests. "I've gone pumpkin picking and on the hayride at Carrigan farms every year for the last 4 years. Apple cider donuts are 🔥," shared @heather18h. Ugh, our mouths are watering at the thought. "Okay but they also have the most amazing haunted trail during Halloween," said @sydneyjweaver. Alright, this place sounds amazing!

Whether you love swimming in the summer or picking pumpkins and experiencing spooky frights in the fall, Carrigan Farms is the place to be!