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Smallest Cabin on New 'Carnival' Ship Isn't What We Expected

We're shocked there are two beds in there.

One of the best ways to save money on a cruise is by choosing a lower stateroom category. Sure, it's nice to have a balcony... but it's not absolutely necessary to have a blast on your vacation if you need to keep costs as low as possible. If you're trying to avoid breaking the bank, an interior stateroom is the way to go — and so is packing light, since you know you likely won't have much space to spread out.

And now, it looks like there's another class of cruise cabins that could save you even more cash, but you're going to have to sacrifice more square footage (something we didn't realize was possible). On TikTok, @smartcruiser gave her followers a tour of the smallest cabin on Carnival's new ship, and we're a bit shocked at the size! 

The cabin is being touted as Carnival cruise line's smallest and most affordable cabin in the video, and when it comes to the word "smallest," they're not lying. The room is somehow big enough to fit a bed that splits into two twin sized beds, though separating them does take up the width of the entire room, and there's a vanity and desk space, albeit a tiny one.

The bathroom space includes a toilet and a glass shower, so those who are traveling and need the use of a tub (like parents of small children) might be out of luck here, but it makes good use of the space that's available. 

If you're going on a solo cruise or traveling with just one friend or a partner, this might be a great option, but those bringing the family will probably want to opt for a bigger room.

Even if it won't interest some, it's cool that this option exists. For adult travelers who aren't spending much time in the cabin, this is perfect.