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Video Shows Sinking Motorboat Passengers Saved by Carnival Cruise Ship

People go out on cruises to relax, explore some fun destinations, and forget about the responsibilities of everyday life for a while. While a great cruise vacation can have a big impact and create lifelong memories for guests, its not often that a cruise ship is involved in literally saving lives!

That's precisely what happened on TikTok user @sherilynstiller's Carnival cruise, though. She captured the dramatic scene as the cruise ship happened upon a few men in a tiny motorboat, fighting desperately to keep it from sinking. 

Those men were blessed with incredible luck that day. They seem to be very far from shore in a tiny craft, and judging by how fast they were scooping water from their leaking boat, they probably weren't far at all from sinking. If that cruise ship hadn't spotted them, they may not have survived to this day. Luckily, these men were brought aboard safe and sound, and will live to tell the tale. Truly a dramatic moment for everyone watching, to say nothing of the men who went through this harrowing experience themselves!

"We were there! It was a good thing we were able to pick them up. So scary! The whole top deck cheered once they were on," @ms.vthescienceog shared the story from her perspective. It warms our hearts that so many people cheered for the rescue! Of course, there was never any question that these men wouldn't be helped in some capacity. "It’s Maritime Law! Render assistance to any individual found at sea in danger of being lost," @cristina_olivia_rose explained. We're just relieved that they were spotted before they sank!

It's not every day that you see something like this happen, even while you're out at sea on a cruise. Luckily, these men were saved from an uncertain fate- and the witnesses will have quite the cruise story to share from now on!

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