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Video Comparing 'Carnival' Cruise to 'Disney' Is Sad but True

Cruise enthusiasts spend a lot of time debating the merits and downfalls of the various curise vacation companies out there. One company that is especially controversial is Carnival. While many people appreciate Carnival's affordable options that make cruising an accessible option for less affluent families, they're often critiqued for being cheap, shoddy, and overcrowded. 

TikTok user @its.brittanymoore recently went on two cruises: a Disney one, followed up close after by a Carnival one. Her video roasting her Carnival ship pokes fun at the major gap in quality between the companies. 

Oof... sadly, this seems to be a "sad but true" situation. Disney has been pretty consistently excellent with the quality of their cruises, whereas Carnival.... well, let's say there's a bigger range there in terms of quality. Brittany tries to make it seem like she's just kidding around. "Just jokes! Thankful for the memories," she added in the description. Still, she wouldn't say it if she didn't think it, right?

That being said, some TikTok users pointed out that this isn't really a fair comparison. "Well it was built over 21 years ago. Their newest ones are just as comparable in terms of quality. I’m sure some of Disney's older ships aren’t too shiny," remarked @sarahvaught23. There's a good chance the dip in quality wouldn't be as noticeable were it not for the fact that this ship in particular is pretty old!

Even with this caveat, though, cruise-goers soured on Carnival joined in on the roast in the comments. "You couldn’t pay me.. literally couldn’t give me $ to go on any cruise other than Disney or Viking," declared @backtobeach. "That’s like going to Legoland after Disney," laughed @jesscamm860. "Carnival is definitely the Walmart of cruising," remarked @ssjer2911- a comparison many people make.

Even so, some still defended Carnival. "It may be the Walmart of cruises but it’s still a CRUISE. Several days where I don’t have to cook, clean, drive or have a schedule? Count me in lol," @quietbutnotmute argued her case. "Good news is, you get to go on 3 Carnival Cruise for the price of 1 Disney! It's about the memories, not the unimportant details," said @buckifinn23.

At the end of the day, you can have a great vacation traveling with just about any cruise company. However, we recommend you seriously research your ship before booking the trip- lest you end up with something like this!

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