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Cruise Blog Shares Brand New Changes Coming to Carnival Cruise Lines

The past few years have been a time of turmoil and change for the tourism industry, and many major companies have been making big changes to keep up with returning demand and a tougher economy. One company that's making a ton of changes in the upcoming year is the ever-popular Carnival Cruises.

Popular TikTok cruise vlog shared a video detailing some of the biggest changes tourists will see from Carnival in the next year. Will these changes impact your future cruise plans? 

Overall, this seems like really good news for Carnival fans! Cutting-edge new ships with enticing new amenities and themes will be joining the fleet, another ship will start sailing out of Galveston, and the onboard youth programming will be getting a much-needed revamp.

 However, these updates also come with increasing gratuity and internet package rates. This is something a lot of people probably saw coming- the cost of practically everything has been going up lately, so it's no surprise that Carnival isn't exempt from this trend. Luckily, the increase in gratuity and internet costs at least don't seem to be too drastic.

That being said, Carnival is a popular option for those who are limited to a tight budget, and even minor price fluctuations can potentially make or break a vacation for some would-be cruisegoers. If you need to lock in these lower rates, you may have to act fast before they're bumped up!

Despite warnings of increasing rates, many cruisegoers were still thrilled about the upcoming changes to Carnival! "A new ship in Galveston! We already booked the Dream for late 2023 but we may have to book this one too asap," @halfpintdemon remarked excitedly. "I’m booked on the maiden/inaugural sailing of Jubilee. I’m so excited!!!" @mynameisbean_15 exclaimed.

Just like so many other major cruise companies, Carnival is taking steps to freshen up their fleet and keep up with the times. Hopefully these updates will be welcome ones for Carnival fans, and we look forward to seeing how their implementation goes!

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