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Couple Hilariously Depicts the Reality of Car Travel with a Toddler

The struggle is SO real.

After becoming a parent, everything about travel is different, especially if you're the kind of person who used to love going on spontaneous weekend adventures. Gone are the days of picking up and leaving on a whim — you will now plan and pack for travel more than ever before. It gets easy when the kids are older, but in those baby and toddler years, it's basically a full time job to leave the house for a few days.

And when it comes to road trips... when toddlers are involved, it can be a bit of a disaster for so many reasons. As @livingwithmomma shared in a TikTok video that parents can relate to a bit too well, getting sick on vacation while the family is sharing close quarters is something that toddlers are really good at.

Over footage of her and her husband throwing back "immunity defense shots," this mom wrote, "POV: your 3 year old started puking on the way to your vacation before it even started."

The fact that the audio for this TikTok is the viral song "Vacation" by Dirty Heads really sells it — especially watching this as a parent who has lived this reality before.

Toddlers have a way of getting sick at the most inopportune times... and if this truly is a stomach bug, sharing the air in the car is a great way for Mom and Dad to be the next ones who are sick! 

Fortunately, this didn't end up ruining their trip, according to a comment that the OP posted later on. "Update: he hasn’t been sick again since, eating normally, and acting totally fine! Keeping our fingers crossed that it was a 1 time event," she wrote.

We're relieved that everyone is feeling okay. Hopefully, the rest of their vacation goes off without a hitch. We've all been there!