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Hotel Room That Comes With a 'Vintage Car Bed' in Minnesota Is Actually Pretty Cool

Normally after you've wrapped up a long day of road-tripping and pulled into your hotel, the last thing you'd want to do is get back INTO a car. If you stay at the Riverport Inn Express Suites in Winona, Minnesota, though, you may find yourself doing just that!

While it may seem like just any ordinary hotel from the outside, the Winona Riverport Inn has two special suites where guests can sleep in either a '57 or '59 Chevy convertible, which have been converted into beds! The TikTok account @aprettycoolhoteltour is dedicated to documenting unique hotels and hidden-gem rooms, and the folks behind the account recently booked a stay in one of the Chevy suites.

Now that's certainly not something you see every day! Typically, sleeping in a car is not a very comfortable experience, but this is obviously an exception. The deluxe car bed is not the only treat the room has to offer- we can clearly see the bright-red Jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing stiff muscles after a long day of driving!

People loved the room's unique amenities! "'I'm gonna get a cv radio so I can talk to other car beds' 😂" joked @fossilfiend85. Such a wild and silly idea, lol. The car's rocking suspension did not go unnoticed, either- as @mikayla_jo22 quipped, "What’s that saying? If the car’s a rockin don’t come a knockin." Hey-oh!

What a unique find! If the vintage car lover in your life plans on passing through or visiting Winona anytime soon, let them know about these sweet suites!