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Captain’s Unsettling Pre-Flight Announcement Is Every Flyer’s Worst Nightmare

Ever experienced unwarranted turbulence on a flight that makes you question flying all together? Well on this flight, even the captain was spooked by the weather conditions, enough to the point that he felt the need to make an announcement. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @laurel.sabadosh, she filmed the captain coming on the loudspeaker before the flight, and his warning is enough to make anyone want to get off the plane! The look of pure terror on her face truly says it all. 

Um, NOPE! You can see the fear in the girl’s eyes! One can only imagine what kind of weather conditions could spook a commercial captain. The comments on this video are split between those who want honesty from the captain and those who would rather not know, like the user. One comment from user @killer1775 said, “Respect the 100% transparency,” while another TikTok user, @a321busdriver, said, “Nice to know, but a little too much info. That, combined with about 3 cups of coffee, comes across a little nerve racking to concerned flyers.” 

Of course, everyone is super curious about whether or not the passengers on this flight wound up having a roller coaster ride. You’d think based on what he said that this would’ve likely been a flight everyone wanted to forget. But as it turns out, it wasn’t too bad! The creator of the video said in the comments, “It was actually fine, a few bumps, but not near as bad as expected.” We think it’s safe to say that she, along with everyone else on that plane, were beyond relieved when the plane finally touched down.

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