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Tour of Captain's Cabin on 'Royal Caribbean' Ship Is the Opposite of What We Expected

Whether you've been on a cruise yourself or you've seen videos of cruises onlne, you have a pretty good idea of what most ship cabin's look like. In all that time, though, have you ever wondered what the captain's cabin looks like? After all, the captain has to rest sometimes too!

We'd never seen a cruise captain's quarters before, either, until today. TikTok user and Royal Carribean cruise ship captain @captainjohnnyfaevelen takes us on a walkthrough of his cabin. While most cabins tend to be smaller, even crew cabins, the captain of the ship gets a little more room to spread out!

Wow! We always supposed that the captain would get a little extra room in his quarters, but this straight up looks like a penthouse suite! We expect though, that when you need your captain to stay on their A-game for months at a time, it makes sense to keep them comfortable and happy! We love that he has enough space for his family to visit with him, too, so he's not lonely the whole time he's out at sea. 

Viewers were amazed at the surprising reveal. "Wow, thats awesome. I worked 30 years in shipyard and never seen captains cabin. Thanks for the tour👍," replied @makerock. "People in their 100 sq ft NYC studios are losing their minds watching this," quipped another user. Lol, but seriously though- how does one become a cruise ship captain? Asking for a friend.

People admired the convenience of its location too, right next to the navigation deck. "Shortest commute ever," joked @matvelloso. It's basically work from home... if your home weighed over 100,000 tons and floated on the water. It almost feels like something out of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which @doncraig8 quipped upon as well: "#1, you have the bridge. I'll be in my ready room." LOL, we see it too!

It's always fascinating to see behind the scenes of a cruise ship! These captains are clearly riding in style!

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