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Cape Cod Glamping Retreat That Comes With Vintage Airstreams Is the Coolest

We've got to book a stay here next summer.

Camping is fun, but it's not for everyone, and that's why it's a good thing that glamping exists. You still get all the benefits of camping, like being out in nature and enjoying a break from every day life, without having to sleep on the ground or go without indoor plumbing. Sounds good to us! 

If glamping is more your thing and visiting Cape Cod also happens to be on your travel bucket list, keep reading. Thanks to @bostondotcom on TikTok, we now know that there's a retreat in the area that offers up Airstreams for campers to stay in. The Airstreams themselves might be vintage, but the insides are anything but. You've gotta see this! 

This place is called AutoCamp, and it provides serious luxury for anyone who wants to commune with nature and is working with a budget. According to the camp's website, the rate per night varies depending on when you're visiting, but many of the nights are under $200, which is a great deal for this kind of experience.

There are also plenty of amenities at the campground, including a workspace that includes wifi, coffee, and kombucha on tap, and it's close enough to bike to the beach — sounds like a perfect location to us. 

In the video, we can see the mid-century modern theme is alive and well inside the Airstreams, creating such a relaxing, clean setting after getting back from a day of hiking. Perfection! 

This looks like so much fun for any camper, no matter how much experience they have. Who wants to go?