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Candle That Smells Like Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Ride Has People Obsessed

One of the coolest parts about visiting a Disney park that you might not even consciously think about is the olfactory aspect- the smells! Theres a reason why Disney World smells so good- they pump in smells all over their parks to enhance th guest experience.

It's why so many people get nostalgic for the smells at Disney World, whether it be the smell of baking cookies on Main Street, the scent of honey on the Winnie the Pooh ride, or... the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? It seems like an odd one, but anybody who's ridden the ride knows it has a distinct smell, kinda like seawater but....different. Despite Disney keeping their secrets close to the chest, Disney-inspired candlemaker @wishescandleco thinks she's unlocked the secret to the enigmatic smell!

Ok, but this is so crazy that's she's managed to do this. The smell of water at Disney is hard to even describe, much less capture and put into a candle! In case you were worried about the chemical makeup of a bromine-scented candle, though, don't worry, there's none actually in there. She clarifies: "All natural soy wax, high quality fragrance oil (phthalate + limonene free), phthalate free, and wicks are cotton cored (lead+zinc free)!"

"This is my 1st tik tok purchase! And my daughter and I are SO looking forward to the smell, we are Disney girls and that smell is full of memories 🥰," shared @luvernzz. "No one ever believes me when I tell them Disney water smells different. Told them they would never understand until they smell it themselves," lamented @xguess.wh0o. We hear you!

"This just popped up on my for you page and i purchased one 5 minutes later Lol, not only do I love the smell, I collect pins too! Great idea," praised @tjcork. "As a former cast member I am definitely intrigued..." said @shanahan1977. So are we...

We're tempted to buy this candle ourselves and see how close she got it. That said, if she gets it spot-on, the nostaliga might lead us all the way back to Disney World! Guess we'd better start saving up now!