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Group's Attempt to Get From Canada to LA for Christmas Is Downright Impressive

There's just one word to describe how air travel has been this holiday season: nightmarish. Between insane winter storms and mismanagement from certain airline companies,  thousands of flights have been grounded over the past week. Vancouver International Airport in particular was hit hard, with hundreds of flights being canceled in just one day. 

TikTok user @kellyeatatani and her friends were grounded in Vancouver- they were actually stuck on their plane for 13 hours! Even so, she and her friends were still determined to make it back to LA in time for Christmas. 

We've seen some pretty serious travel predicaments this week, but this was exceptionally rough. After being stuck on the tarmac the whole night, they were left essentially flightless. Stranded and desperate, the friends decided to not trust air travel in the area and stayed close to the ground. 

Although they were lucky enough to have access to Ubers and taxis for most of the trip, they were still forced to trudge through the snow for miles on foot at one point. Against all odds, they were finally able to get to a clear airport and fly home in time for Christmas- which is more than many people could say this year. 

Viewers were just as shocked as we were by the whole debacle. "I can’t imagine how much it cost to Uber, rent a car, book a hotel, and buy a flight all within a couple days on the HOLIDAYS too. So messed up," @liz.bizzz sympathized. "Sooooooo bad. It's giving Mom from Home Alone. Also I thought we had laws in Canada you can't be kept in a plane over 3 hrs - maybe just ON has that," mused a shocked @coocoocanuck. "This is our generation's Planes Trains and Automobiles," quipped @cha_cha_chandler.  

At any rate, we're just glad Kelly and her friends made it back to LA safe and sound. Hopefully,  holiday travel won't be nearly as hellish next year.

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