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Video of Camper Waking Up to Stunning View of the Alaska Mountains Has Us So Envious

Fall is the ultimate camping season, at least in most of North America, and for those up far north in places like Alaska, it's the last chance to get in some good peaceful excursions out in nature before the winter weather makes it punishingly cold out. Alaskans and tourists to the state are pulling on their hiking boots and pitching tents out in the wilderness while the weather is still mild.

Traveling TikTok user @livinliddy is taking time to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness on a camping trip herself. She shared an incredible POV shot of the view she wakes up to every morning on her trip, and it has us so jealous.

That is a breathtaking scene. All the colors are so beautiful in the morning light. And that white-peaked mountain off in the distance isn't just any mountain- that's Mt. Denali, and as she says in the video's description, it's the tallest mountain on the North American continent. With such humbling, awe-inspiring surroundings, we wish we were there to take it all in ourselves.

Surprisingly enough, the scene spurned some cynical jokes from the comments. "Needs some Walmarts with big parking lots," joked one user. "What a perfect spot for a gas station and a Wendys," quipped @elldar498 similarly. Obviously, they're being ironic, but it really does speak to how unusual it is to encounter such vast untouched wilderness here in the United States. Places like this are precious and should be securely protected against development. We need more wild places like this to exist in the world.

Those not making ironic quips about how overdeveloped the American landscape is watched in awe of the scene's beauty. "God I need to travel more," mused @brady_tripp. We empathize with them- this gorgeous video definitely put the camping bug in us too! "You always wake up on the right side of the tent with a view like that," observed @thesteampunkprotogen. "Looks like something out of a dream." breathed @tejas2365.

We think @livinliddy found the Alaskan camping spot to end all others- but then again, with the state's massive size and breathtaking landscape, there are probably a thousand unique camping spots that are all equally breathtaking. All we can say is, that it made us reflect on and appreciate the natural world a bit more- and it's got us on the verge of packing our camping gear, too!