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'Hidden' Haunted Bar in Grand Central Station Is a True Piece of History

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How does having a cocktail or a lite bite at a 'haunted bar' inside Grand Central Station in New York City sound? Cool right? Well, buckle up, sip on a cocktail, and enjoy the history and haunting tales of this 'must visit' destination.

TikTok video creator @creepyhistoryclass shares this elegant yet 'ghostly' place for you to add to your list next time you're in NYC. Ghosts, jailbirds, and poltergeists have been known to be frequent visitors and may just be seated on the barstool next to you. Watch your back, especially when visiting the lavatory.

The Campbell Apartment located in Grand Central Terminal at 15 Vanderbilt Avenue is an iconic destination. Restored back to its original impressiveness, the property's historical architecture remains intact while designers were able to introduce contemporary design to make it a comfortable and updated atmosphere. The Campbell Bar, better known as 'The Office' has the look and feel of just that. The space is decorated with bold brass finishes, rich wood and leather furnishings, and painted walls of deep blue and red hues. Patrons may enjoy a selection of classic cocktails, wines, beers, lite bites, and small plates while visiting 'The Office.' 

TikTok viewers think this is a super cool place, but watch out - don't get locked in the bathroom with the ghosts! Fan @badgalbriana says, "I am literally in GC 5x a week and never knew this existed! Wow!" User @mikeychev write,s "It’s haunted. I worked there. The room where they kept liquor was scary AF." Well, we have always heard of all the haunting stories that live in NYC, and this place certainly looks cozy for the ghosts of past to live! Commenter @lsmith321 states, "I’ll have to check it out! Thank you. Happy Holidays!"

Next time you're in Grand Central Station, pop into The Office and enjoy a libation and a true piece of history. NYC never disappoints and is home to so much history, wild stories, and intriguing tales, it's quite astonishing! 

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