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Mom's Tour of Family's Upgraded Suite in Cabo Is Downright Incredible

This place is bigger than most apartments.

Taking a vacation to somewhere like Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is what many of us dream about all year long. Getting to take some much needed time away from reality, lounge by the ocean with your toes in the sand, grabbing a fruity drink by the pool — it's basically a dream come true. Hey, we don't need much to be happy while on vacation, but all of that sounds pretty good to us.

But this family who was headed to Cabo recently got more than they bargained for when they arrived at their hotel. On TikTok, @jleemomof3 shared the sweet upgrade she got, and we are so jealous.

They were given a suite, and we simply can't explain how big it is with words — you're definitely going to want to watch the video to see it for yourself. The master bedroom itself — which also has a huge bathroom and a walk-in closet — is spacious, along with a patio that has a spectacular view of the beach... along with a mini private pool. What?!

She's just getting started, though. There's also a living room, a kitchen, and an eating area, and then, her kids had their own bedroom and bathroom to share... and did we mention that the bathroom in this second bedroom is bigger than some hotel rooms?

Then, there was an extra bedroom, a laundry room, and even a wine closet. It's casual! 

In a comment, the OP revealed that this hotel is the Hacienda Encantada. According to the hotel's website, this is the Vista Suite, which can cost upward of $1,900 a night, depending on when you travel. This is a serious upgrade. 

This family is so lucky to be spending their five day vacation in this suite. What a great surprise!