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Woman Scores Upgrade to Business Class All Because of Her Stunning Passport Photo

The picture really is amazing.

Most of us know to keep our expectations low when it comes to passport photos. Much like our driver's license photos, they're almost never good. They're just one of life's necessary evils.

But apparently, not all passport photos are as bad as the ones we've taken. As one woman (@spirited.pursuit on TikTok) shared in a video, her passport photo was actually so good that it got her upgraded to business class on a flight. And while we want to be mad about it, after seeing the photo ourselves, we simply can't be.

Apparently, some airline agents were so impressed when they saw her passport photo as she checked into an airport lounge in Paris that they dubbed it the best one they'd ever seen, and she admitted that a lot of effort had gone into getting ready the day she took the photo. 

She was flying on an economy ticket, but the agents decided she deserved a bit more luxury. They upgraded her to premium comfort and then business class, brought her a tray with champagne, and even gave her a certificate to mark the occasion. What an excellent story! 

"The lesson here: Make sure you have a good passport photo. Regardless of how you look showing up, if you've got a good passport photo, you never know," she said.

In other videos, she's shared the photo, and we can definitely see why it earned her an upgrade.

Lesson learned. Don't skip the makeup on passport photo day!