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Bryant Park's 'Winter Village' Is So Mobbed People Can't Even Move

New York City gets thousands of visitors every day of the year, but the influx of tourists is especially strong during the holiday season. One favorite spot for holiday tourists is the Winter Village in Midtown Manhattan's Bryant Park. With an ice skating rink, holiday market, and delicious food and drink, tourists flock to the park every winter,

Unfortunately, too many tourists get the same idea, packing the park until you can barely move. Elizabeth Miller, aka @eangel124 on TikTok, took this claustrophobia-inducing video of the Sunday crowds at Bryant Park.

Crowds like this always defeat the purpose of a visit. What's the point of going here if it's too crowded to move, do anything, or even see the scenery? The bragging rights of saying that you've been there don't account for much when you can hardly participate in any of the things that make it special- especially when this could be costing valuable time that you could be using to experience something else more fully. As lovely as Bryant Park and its Winter Village are, there's always far more to do in New York, especially around this time of year.

Viewers were horrified with the tightly-packed crowds. "I used to really love going here, but I would legitimately break down in that crowd. You can't even look at the displays..." mourned @legalharpyeagle. "The algorithm is spot on! I was there at 3pm and it was worse! Not enjoyable!" @arat1979 remarked. "Nothing in that market is worth enduring that crowd," stated @faketales. We're inclined to agree.  

Now, while avoiding any crowds is pretty much impossible in New York during the holidays, there is a way to beat some of the traffic at Bryant Park. "Don’t go on a weekend, the week before Christmas," said @strawbeerries, plainly. Weekends are always going to be busier, and the week right before Christmas is always insane. "Been there on Wednesday, not that crazy, enjoyable," confirmed @mariolawrobel8. 

Of course, not everyone has the privilege to be choosy with their visits. "I’m a teacher…or I would have definitely picked a weekday! My sister is going on Thursday so I’m curious to see if the crowds are better!" Elizabeth responded to @strawbeerries. Looks like she just got a rough break timewise! If you have more scheduling control over your NYC visit, though, visit the Winter Village during a weekday... lest you get caught in a similar crowd!

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