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British Man Lists 5 Things That Annoyed Him After Visiting the U.S. and We Can't Disagree

There's been a bit of a rivalry between the United Kingdom (particularly England) and the United States since... well, around 1776. LOL. At this point though, it's mostly good-natured jabs at cultural differences and our quaint regional accents. When a British person visits the US, though, or vice versa, they still might be in for a bit of culture shock!

British TikTok user @swissevans86 recently took a trip across the pond, and he encountered a lot of things that irked him while he was stateside. After hearing his TikTok rant, however, we can understand where he's coming from!

Well, let's consider his points. Are our drivers awful? Yeah, driving in pretty much any American city is a nightmare. Is our tipping procedure a bit complicated? Yeah, but at least it's made some of us good at calculating percentages, lol. Sales tax...yeah, confusing. Bathroom stalls... agreed, too easy to peek around. And his ultimate rant about excessive advertising was hilarious... and it hits home all the more because it's so, so true! We have to give this one to him- he got us good.

Of course, this is all in good fun. As he reiterates again in the comments, "Want to be clear, I mean all of this in a light-hearted way. Absolutely loved my time there. Especially the people we met!" He at least came away with one good stereotype of us Americans: "Haha well one thing I can say is y'all are super friendly 😅."

We need an inverse of this video to even the score! Give us a rant from an American visiting Britain next time, LOL. Again, this is all in good fun- for as much as we are different, in most ways we're the same.

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