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Video of Bride and Groom Skiing to Their Wedding Reception Is Giving Us Life

Ideally, a wedding should make up one of the most magical days of a person's life, so it's little wonder why some people go so over-the-top with their weddings! Stunts, comedic bits, and spectacular reveals have become a big part of many people's wedding ceremonies.

When TikTok user @haleybadenhop got married on a mountaintop in Wyoming, she and her brand-new husband just wouldn't be content with some boring old limo ride to their reception. Instead, she and her man chose a faster route down the mountain...

Not even taking the time to change out of their wedding clothes, the happy couple hopped onto their skis and slalomed down to their reception! How cool is that? Clearly, this couple is comfortable on skis. It's not often you see an entry to a wedding reception like this one- because there aren't many people who can do it!

What did people think of this radical ride? "Ngl this is bad@ss," said @ecreip1. Pretty much sums it up for us too! "Y'all win the award for the coolest people ever fr," exclaimed @brianvandee. "WITH THE BOUQUET-" observed @sarahhmanuelll. Yep- even as she slaloms, the bouquet never leaves Haley's hands. That woman can multitask!

"I understand why they’re not wearing helmets, but the fact that they aren’t wearing helmets gives me so much anxiety," worried @hiitsmekaty. Clearly, Haley and her husband are seasoned pros, but the choice not to wear safety gear is a calculated risk. Anyone thinking of trying a similar stunt should take precautions!

Still, this didn't stop the official @dickssportinggoods account from chiming in: "Limos are overrated ⛷" Hey, save on gas and save the planet- ski to your reception!