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Boyfriend's Sneaky Way of Surprising His Girlfriend in Turks and Caicos Can't Be Topped

When you've got a good relationship with your parents, they can end up being some of your best friends. When you've got a good relationship with your significant other's parents, though, they can end up being your wingmen!

Canadian sportscaster James Duthie, going by @tsnduthie on TikTok, gets along quite well with his daughter's boyfriend- so well, in fact, that when she was taking a tropical vacation down in Turks and Caicos, he flew her boyfriend down to meet her. First off- good job, Super Dad, but secondly, look at how her boyfriend sneaks up on her!

We were cracking up at this, because like- how far out did he have to swim to get up behind her in the water without her noticing? He practically rises up out of the water after all! Funny circumstances aside, though, this was a really cool surprise, and very sweet, especially when you think that Dad did it all for his daughter- as he says in the description, "Best part of being a parent is seeing your kids happy." Aww!!!

The comments section was full of people praising James for being a superb dad. "Dad of the year!" praised @ryan_no2morrow. "Duthie such a legend," admired @lilstuzivert. "You must have a great relationship with your daughter. I wish to have one like this one day. 🥰," mused @j2kray.

So, what's the moral of this story? Simple- get in good with your partners' parents. If you do that, they'll really go the extra mile for you!