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Girlfriend Flies in Boyfriend's Mom to Surprise Him and His Reaction Doesn't Go As Planned

It took him a few times to catch on.

Being an adult and living hundreds of miles (or more) away from your parents can be a really weird thing. You were used to seeing them every day growing up, and now, your relationship is mostly phone calls, text messages, and the occasional visit. Still, those of us who are close with our moms and dads know that, despite the difference, they can still have such a presence in our daily lives.

Such a presence, in fact, that some of us might not even realize when they're suddenly sitting right next to us... even though they're supposed to be states away. At least, that's what happened in this TikTok video, where girlfriend @biancaflores310 attempted to surprise her boyfriend with a visit from his mom, who flew in from Florida, that didn't go quite the way she'd planned.

When Mom walked in to surprise him, her son was sitting with his friends, playing poker, and she sat right down next to him. But he was so absorbed in the game that he didn't even realize she was there at first, and he even looked right at her a couple of times (and involved her in the game as if she'd been there the whole time) before it hit him that his mom was sitting right there! 

When he realized, though, it was actually really sweet — and there were hugs and laughs all around. The OP shared the video without the music playing over it, too, and hearing the conversation and the laughter makes it so much better. 

So many people got a kick out of this video and his reaction, sharing their thoughts in the comments.

"He treated her like one of her guys! Was not surprised at all!" one person wrote.

This is too funny. We hope he enjoyed his visit with his mom, once he caught on!