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Woman Kicks Her Boyfriend Out of Cruise Cabin to 'Do Her Business' and We Totally Get It

A cruise can be a very luxurious, romantic getaway, making it a huge draw for honeymoons and couple's vacations. However, as with anything in life, it has a few drawbacks. One drawback is that unless you're dropping BIG money, your cabin is likely going to be on the smaller side. That's ok for most people, but if you're someone who's self-conscious about their bodily functions...

...well, you wind up with situations like this one. TikTok user @tiffanyjimenezz_ took a romantic cruise with her boyfriend, and while everything else was perfect, there was one snag- due to the close quarters, there was nothing that could be left to the imagination during bathroom breaks. Her solution?

 That's right... she makes the poor guy sit out on the balcony every time she has to go #2. "A girl has to do, what a girl has to do," she says in the video's description. LOL! Judging by the poor guy's annoyance, it looks like he'd rather stay inside and deal with it!

This was a pretty relatable scenario for many commenters. After all, those cruise cabins really are small: "You can hear the person blinking on cruise bathrooms," joked @hevetica. "I pretended to go for a walk every morning on my honeymoon. 😳," said @marymac5678. Smart move!

However, other commenters expressed a different sentiment: close partners should be able to accept every aspect of each other's lives...even the gross stuff. "Grrrrrl, idk how many times my husband has said “are you ok” after I’ve emerged from a bathroom. He’s heard it all," expressed @crabbyabby803. "Nah it’s been a year and we walk in on each other p***in and s**ting all the time," said @papapoltergeist.

LOL! Definitely a very earthy way to express that sentiment in that last comment, but they're right! Human bodies are going to do gross stuff sometimes, and part of loving someone else is accepting that fact about them. Judging by her boyfriend's expression upon being put outside, it looks like he can handle it!

As funny as this scenario is, we hope that some of these funny and encouraging comments can help @tiffanyjimenezz_ alleviate her self-consciousness. And if she's still self-conscious about the, er, aftermath? Do what @lalamisscars does: "Use poopouri!!! it’s amazing!!"

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