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Video of Boyfriend Going Into 'Dad Mode' at the Airport Is Just Too Funny

To be honest, dad mode can be hard to avoid while traveling.

Any of us who have ever been on a family vacation know how dads can be from the time travel day arrives — they go into straight up Dad Mode, trying to control everyone and everything around them. And as it turns out, going into Dad Mode does not require actually having children or being a dad. 

Case in point: This TikTok from @fishandsparrow, who shared how her boyfriend immediately turned into her dad when they arrived at the airport to leave for their trip. We have to laugh because we've all experienced this before while traveling with someone who thinks they're the only thing standing between us and a lost passport.

Seeing him reprimand her for the way she was standing on the moving sidewalk, the way he behaved in the airport gift shop, and his insistence on getting to the gate way too early was only made better by the Home Depot music playing in the background. This is truly perfection.

Plenty of people were willing to commiserate in the comments.

"That is my husband all the way and he wonders why I cuss him out," one person joked.

For anyone who's ever traveled with someone in Dad Mode, we feel for you. For anyone considering going into Dad Mode before their next trip — uh, maybe rethink that. The rest of us would appreciate it!