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Woman Pokes Fun of Her Boyfriend's Attire While Visiting the Amalfi Coast and We're Here for It

One thing that's important to know as a traveler/tourist, whether you're traveling to a different part of the country or internationally, is how to dress. Ideally, you want to try to match the styles of the people around if. If not, you're more likely to stand out as a tourist and be a target for scammers.

One TikTok user, @irispastagirl, understands this and tries to match the local fashion when traveling in Europe. Her boyfriend, however, did not get the memo. When he joined her on a trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast dressed like this, she was mortified!

Oh, no honey... that is quintessential American preppy boy fashion. That style would fit right in in most American beach towns (hello, Martha's Vineyard), but in Italy, it sticks out. You gotta dress the part! When in Rome, do as the Romans do... so when in Naples, do as the Napolitano do.

"This was me for 3 years - and yes, they will try to scam him 😅 had to ditch the man ultimately, could not go on living in fear of his next fit," recalled one user. Oh, dear! "Truth. When in Europe wear clothes that don’t have a target on the back. Period," advised @longcreations.

A little roasting aside though, his outfit really isn't so bad. It might be more obvious that he's not a local (and he might be more likely to draw the attention of obnoxious hucksters) but wearing Vineyard Vines isn't a crime- even if some would argue it's a crime against fashion. "I lived overseas for years and he looks less touristy than most foreigners, not that locals usually care about tourist outfits anyhow. Mean post 😳," chided @morgan.raeeee.

In fact, most of the comments were roasting OP for her judgemental video rather than her boyfriend for his slightly cringey sartorial tastes! The top comment, from @jengregory113, read: "I hope he finds someone who appreciates him." Dang! "These comments probably didn’t go the way she planned 😂," laughed @js_iceman.

Let's cool down here- we're going to assume that these two have a relationship where they can playfully roast each other. We can all laugh and joke about the "tourist" fit- but keep it nice!