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Boyfriend's Reaction to His Surprise Trip Destination at the Airport Is Too Cute

Taking your partner on a surprise trip without them finding out the destination is such a cool surprise... and soooo hard to pull off! Trying to keep that big of a secret under wraps, all while trying to get them to cooperate with you on a trip to a mystery destination, is no easy feat. But when somebody does it, the reveal is just so good.

 TikTok influencer @tommy_bracco bought his boyfriend Joey a trip to a mystery destination for his birthday. However, he wouldn't say where to until they were at the airport!

Bravo, Thomas! This brilliant birthday surprise was executed to perfection- and were we in Joey's shoes, we probably wouldn't believe it ourselves. Joey's reaction is just too cute and so sincere. Thomas really went above and beyond with this surprise trip- that's grade-A boyfriend material right there! What better way to spend your 30th birthday than sightseeing with your lover in Rome?!

A few commenters were stressed out about one thing, though... "Omg did you bring his passport I’m so overwhelmed," wondered @kaitlynherman_. "No because my mind was like 'WHERE IS THIS MAN'S PASSPORT?'" replied @travelinhomo. LOL, we think it's safe to say that if he went to all this trouble organizing the surprise trip, he wouldn't forget to pick up both of their passports!

This heartwarming surprise had all of Tommy's viewers in their feelings. "This is so sweet," admired @thejarr. "He’s the best and he deserves this so much," Tommy lovingly responded. Dang it... who's chopping onions in here?

"SO IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THIS. UGHH," exclaimed @daniel_cusimano. "Crying my eyes out!! Have sooo much fun!!!!" said @christatringali. "This just made me emotional, Tommy….sorry Thomas*," quipped @rysteele1. Oh, the soft "Thomas" from Joey got to us too- so sweet and sincere!

Happy 30th birthday, Joey! You've certainly got a wonderful man to share it with. We hope their trip to Rome is just as spectacular as they've ever dreamed!

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