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Moment Boy With Cerebral Palsy Meets 'Mickey' on the 'Disney Wish' Is Everything

This is a moment of absolute pure joy.

For most children, meeting characters like Mickey Mouse at Disney is a total dream come true, and there are plenty of characters to meet when sailing with the Disney Cruise Line as well. As a parent, it can be seriously magical to watch your child become absolutely starstruck as they share a sweet moment with their favorite character. And in some situations, this kind of moment can be extra special. 

One of those moments was captured by a mom on TikTok, @connersjourney, who is sharing clips from what her son's life with cerebral palsy is like. Her recent video shows Conner meeting Mickey while sailing on the line's newest ship, the Disney Wish, and it's the definition of magical. 

According to Conner's mom's TikTok, although he uses a wheelchair, he's been working on learning how to walk, and he was determined to walk to Mickey on the ship. With the help of a walker, he was able to accomplish his goal, and Mickey was ready to celebrate by the time he reached the mouse.

"Conner’s Disney Wish was to walk to Mickey Mouse. Mom & Dad made it happen on the Disney Wish," she wrote in her caption. 

Conner looked so excited and proud as he shared a conversation with Mickey, and seeing this footage combined with the song "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" playing along with the video is making people emotional. More than one commenter wrote that it made them cry! 

"What a strong, determined kiddo. This is beautiful," one person wrote.

Another added, "THIS is why Disney is worth every penny. What a lovely clip. Thanks for sharing!" 

Conner did a great job, and we love that he (and his parents) will have this memory on video to watch forever. Way to go!