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Boutique Airline Flight From New York to Paris Is the Definition of Traveling in Style

This is a major upgrade from cramped coach seats.

Flying can often be a hassle... and not the most pleasant experience once we're up in the air, either. We end up cramped with no space to spread out, sitting a little too close to total strangers who are usually coughing, and if you want a glass of wine to relax with, it's going to cost you big time.

But there's one boutique airline out there that really seems to be making flying a much more pleasant experience. It's called La Compagnie, and according to @wanamakerlife on TikTok, it's a French airline that's entirely business class and flies from New York to Paris and back. 

In the video, we get a glimpse of the inside of the plane, where there's plenty of room to relax — literally no one on this flight is cramped, and all of the seats recline. Everyone gets champagne, premium beverages are free, and so is wifi. Are we dreaming, or is this the best plane we've ever seen? And the food actually appears to be edible! 

Another perk is that everyone who flies with this airline has access to an airport lounge, too, making the experience feel extra luxe before you even set foot on the plane. 

Next time we're planning a trip to France, this airline is officially on our radar. This is definitely how you travel in style! 

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