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Video of Passengers Rushing to Escape Fire on Boston Commuter Train Is Pretty Wild

This had to be so scary for those passengers.

Commuters in Boston were stunned the other day when their commuter train burst into flames while over a bridge in Somerville, prompting a hurried evacuation through windows and even into the river below.

In this video, a passenger films the fiery smoke spreading outside his train car as the train slows to a stop, allowing passengers to flee to safety on the bridge. The Bostonians on the train seem impressively calm as they line up outside the doors, holding their briefcase and backpacks and exiting in a surprisingly orderly fashion. This is pretty scary to watch! 

Officials claim that over two hundred people were forced to evacuate, but no injuries were sustained in the escape, not even of the one, unidentified woman who leaped over the bridge railing into the Mystic River. According to media, she swam to the shore and refused medical attention.

An investigation into the incident revealed the fire was caused by a loose side panel on the train made contact with the third rail, igniting material below the train car.

Viewers of the footage were amazed by how calm everyone seemed. “First video of its kind where someone isn’t obnoxiously screaming,” comments one. “The train operator did his thing,” says another. “Give him flowers.” “Shout out to the dudes in the place making sure everyone else got out first. King behavior,” points out a third.”

Others wished to draw attention to what this fire means for the conditions of the subway trains in Boston. “We desperately need new infrastructure everywhere,” says user @Chase Parker, which, because this is an internet comments section, ignited an entire debate about federal taxes. 

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