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Boston Resident Shares Easy Hack for Getting Into Local Attractions for Free

Boston is one of America's oldest and most historic cities, and offers numerous attractions for visitors and residents alike. Aquariums, museums, historical sites- Boston is full of inspiring educational attractions. That being said, the cost of tickets to all these places can start to add up. 

However, many Massachusetts residents are overlooking a major loophole that can save you serious bucks around Boston. Bostonian TikTok vlogger @anniesrandomz shares her simple hack for getting into many Boston attractions for free or at a serious discount! 

They said it best on Arthur- "Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card!"  Let's put this into perspective: normally, a standard adult ticket is $34 for the New England Aquarium, $18 for the JFK Library and Museum, and $29 for the Museum of Science. Even if you were just going by yourself and only visiting these three places, you'd still end up saving $78 just by using your Boston Public Library Card! Talk about a real money-saving hack. 

 While there are location-based limitations on who can acquire the library card, the good news is that you don't have to live in the Boston Metro area. "MA librarian here! Any Massachusetts resident can get get a Boston library ecard easily from their website! I use mine all the time for ebooks," explained @curmudgeonlycat. 

Besides, when you get a library card, you're doing more than just gifting yourself some serious discounts. "Getting a library card also helps secure funding for the library so it’s a win win," added @avarenelle. Sounds good to us!

However, if you're a Mass. resident hoping to use your Boston Public Library Card for free/cheap tickets, you must remember to prepare in advance. "You have to reserve your tickets and in some cases, pick it up at the library in-person. Also, all library has like a limited amount of tickets so the popular dates (weekends) are always get taken first," @icedmatchalattte advised. Still, if you reserve your tickets in advance and prepare accordingly, you can easily visit some of Boston's coolest attractions without breaking the bank! 

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