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Hotel That Hides 'Secret Treasures' in the Ocean for Guests Is As Good As It Gets

Plenty of resorts across the world have hopped on the TikTok bandwagon to showcase their properties to prospective travelers. But one particular all-inclusive hotel in the U.S. Virgin Islands has made its entry to TikTok by showing all the amazing perks it has to offer. Other than being in a picturesque setting with gorgeous year-round weather, the amenities at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort go above and beyond your typical bonuses. 

In a video that was shared on their account, @bolongobay, the resort shared one of their rumored specialties that is more than enough to make anyone want to book a room with a view, asap. Check out how they go above and beyond for their guests! 

OMG. No way! Sign us up for a stay here, please! Can you believe Bolongo Bay actually hides bottles of rum in the ocean for guests to find? Pretty darn cool!! People who watched the video agree that this is the coolest place ever, and some are even sharing their own experiences staying at the resort. One former vacationer, @bayleep_, said, "We got the guava!!! Sooo yummy. Miss our honeymoon so much!" We're sure they miss their honeymoon for several reasons, but finding a full bottle of rum while taking a dip is pretty tough to top.

Of course, some commenters were worried that these bottles won't be snatched by people but rather contribute to pollution. The resort replied to this argument by saying, "I’m with you, but these are gently placed (and retrieved in minutes)." Duh. Of course, they are! And even though this hotel perk might be "rumored," something tells us word spreads pretty quickly among guests after they check in. 

BRB, time to go book a trip to Bolongo Bay.