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Little-Known Secret About Niagara Falls Is Pretty Intriguing to Say the Least

We had no idea!

Niagara Falls is a pretty common area for tourists to visit — and considering how beautiful it is, that totally makes sense. But despite how famous this landmark is, we had no idea about this fact that's been a part of the falls' history for more than a century.

As TikTok user pointed out in a video, apparently, there's been a boat stuck at the top of Niagara Falls for over 100 years, and in all that time, it's only moved twice now that it's starting to break apart. Whoa! 

The history behind the boat is pretty interesting. According to Smithsonian magazine, the boat got stuck there in 1918, and fortunately, both of the men who were on it were rescued. But thanks to rust and wind, the boat is slowly starting to move, and there's a good chance that it may not be up there much longer. It's sometimes known as the "Iron Scow." 

The hundreds of commenters on the video were pretty fascinated, and some who have visited before remember being told about the boat by the guides on their tours.

"I’ve been looking at this boat my whole life. Im kinda gonna be sad when it disappears," one person wrote.

This is definitely something fun to point out for anyone who's visiting Niagara Falls in the future. If you want to see the Iron Scow, you'd better go soon — there's no guarantee it'll be stuck up there forever.