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Video of Unfortunate Truth About 'Boat Parties' Makes Us Want to Stay on Dry Land

Massive boating parties are pretty popular with boating enthusiasts. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of boats and yachts line up alongside each other in rivers, lakes, and bays, where partygoers can swim safely between the boats. However, these events have a murkier side to them than many would care to admit.

The TikTok account @boater.vibes shares a lot of prominent boating events. However, one follower noticed something disturbing in one of their recent videos... that why the water looks the way it does? Oh, dear... We're telling ourselves that that's just how the lake water looks in that area. We only hope that we're right...

Some took umbrage with the claim that there was "not a bathroom in sight." "Almost every one of those boats has a head(bathroom)," claimed @davidmarvinkarpatkin. "Those boats have bigger bathrooms than most apartments. LOL," laughed @cheft938. OK, but do you really think every single one of them is getting out of the water and climbing back on the boat every time they need to go? When they've been floating in the sun and drinking all day? We all know what's really going on here.

Naturally, for those safe and clean on dry land, the unsettling sight was a source of amusement. "Water level went up a foot that day," quipped @kylebootz. "Ecoli bathtub," said barf. User @roberthodges98 had an entirely different perspective on the scene: "I see hundreds of bathrooms."

Could these raft-off parties actually be a lot of fun? We'd imagine so. However, those crowds packed densely into such a relatively small space don't give us much hope for the hygiene conditions in that water. But hey, those guests can at least look on the bright side... "That must be nice and warm," remarked @manzo1573. Yeah, we bet it is... we're good on dry land, thanks.

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