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List Of '4 Countries With the Bluest Water' Makes Us Crave a Tropical Getaway

After a shockingly hot summer, it's shaping up to be a surprisingly chilly winter in large parts of the US, and the plunging temps are already making some people crave a tropical getaway. With this time of year being a fairly cheap time for travel to tropical destinations, some travelers are exploring options for a little wintertime sun and fun. 

If you're dreaming of a beach getaway, go where the waters are blue and crystal-clear. Travel photographers Margarida and Daniel (@allaboutwanderlust_ on TikTok) share their 4 favorite bluest water destinations!

Now that's more like it. Who's down for some snorkeling? 

This is great start for geting inspired for an international beach getaway. If you crave crystal-clear waves, Instagrammable ocean views, and spying tropical sea life, you can't do better than these places. Plus, especially with the larger countries of Australia, Indonesia, and The Phillipines, there's far more to do than just swimming if you need a break from the beach.

These aren't the only good destinations if you want to see some of the bluest, most beautiful waters on earth, though. Followers suggested their own personal favorites from around the world. "You should visit Greece. It's the 2nd most blue flagged country," stated @misslyda. User @albanian027 extended this suggestion further into the Balkans: "Greece, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro."

While these are fantastic suggestions, these countries are cold around this time of year. To get a good wintertime destination, we'll have to look further south. "Gutted you've not mentioned Mauritius. This island has one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world," @a.knight_reaper critiqued. "Bermuda... beautiful blue turquoise waters and pink sand," suggested @queen_becks441. Hard to beat the Caribbean... plus its a closer flight for most Americans.

We might have to stop watching these. We're getting close to impulse-buying a ticket to one of these destinations for the winter- at least for a couple weeks!

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