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Video of Iceland's 'Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel' Is Straight Out of a Dream

We're putting a stay here on our bucket list.

For many travel lovers, Iceland is major bucket list... and for so many reasons. It's truly a beautiful country to visit, and people dream of exploring the natural features like volcanos and hot springs that can be found there. One of the biggest draws for travelers is the Blue Lagoon

People come from all over to see and bathe in the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa that is unlike anything else you'll see in the rest of the world. And if that's the number one item on your Iceland check list, you're going to want to see this hotel that traveler @handluggageonly shared on TikTok. 

He shared footage from his stay at Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel, confirming that it is absolutely "worth the hype." Judging by the clips in this video, we'll have to agree that he might be right about that. 

The views from the room he's standing in at the beginning of the video look amazing, and it only becomes more stunning and unreal as the footage continues. This is the kind of place that every travel lover should experience at least once in their lives... but like the OP mentions in the video, it's also the kind of place they will want to return to after they leave! 

Unfortunately, like many incredible travel experiences out there, this one does come at a high cost. Staying at the Retreat Hotel allows you unlimited access to the lagoon and the spa, but even the cheapest room there starts at more than $1,300 USD per night. 

If that's not quite in your budget, you can still visit the blue lagoon for the day, which is a far more affordable option.

Still, after seeing this video, we have a feeling we won't be able to stop thinking about that view. Maybe someday...