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Traveler Spills the Beans on Whether the 'Blue Lagoon' in Iceland Is Really Worth It

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is on everyone's list while visiting this exotic island country. This unbelievably beautiful destination is a 'must' experience. Words cannot adequately describe just how gorgeous it is there. The visual on the 'healing waters' are indescribable, and no adjectives render full justice. The subterranean spa, luxury accommodations, together with fine dining, are all world class.

And after seeing TikTok creator @followmeaway's video of the famous Blue Lagoon, we were interested to get her take on whether she thinks it's really worth it. Here's what she had to say!

No big surprise there! Sure, it's touristy, but how can anyone go to Iceland without at least popping in? Not surprisingly, TikTok viewers cant stop raving about The Blue Lagoon experience. Commenter @bluejays05 says definitively, "YES, it is absolutely worth it. You go all the way to Iceland, you see the Blue Lagoon. End of story." Now, that's a stellar review! Another person who watched the clip, @netflixandbooks357 states, "It is definitely worth it. It's amazing!!!" Yet another commenter, @irishshorts writes, "My wife and I absolutely loved it. The highlight of a holiday full of highlights. Iceland is amazing." So, the general consensus seems to be that the Blue Lagoon is a can't-miss attraction. Got it.

Iceland is such a magical place. If you're lucky enough to get the chance to go, the Blue Lagoon should absolutely be one of the excursions on your list. Did we mention you can slather a face mask on, enjoy a drink, and get a massage all while soaking in the heated waters? Sign us up!