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'Blackout Bungee' Experience in Scotland Is Beyond Terrifying

Are you a thrill seeker who craves a good adrenaline rush to get your heart pumping? If so, you may have already tried the sport of bungee jumping. It takes a lot of courage to try, and for some people, the idea of jumping from a great height with only a bungee cord to save them is scary enough. 

However, some people crave an even more intense experience. That extra edge of intensity is what Scottish bungee company @highlandflingbungee delivers to their customers with their terrifying "Blackout Bungee " experience. 

OMG! We thought normal bungee jumping videos were intense enough, but our hearts skipped a beat watching this. Something about seeing her disappear into the pitch-black void made us mentally "nope" out! Now you can see why they call this experience "Blackout Bungee," and we can safely say that it's just a bit too terrifying for us. 

However, we're not everybody, and there's likely a lot of people who would get a real kick out of this. Even though it's terrifying, some people enjoy the challenge of facing their fears of darkness and the unknown in such an intense way. Some even find the experience almost hypnotic, like the feeling you get when your roller coaster reaches the peak of an upside-down loop. "Put my earphones in, play "The Greatest" by Lana Del Rey, and slowly fall back," visualized @lebronsmith14.

There were people, of course, who also couldn't stomach the thought of a death-defying plunge into the darkness. "No amount of moneyyyyy," declared @sowda___. However, one person had a different objection. "Nah - do it when you can see the beautiful countryside," objected @woodmuffin. "It’s even more beautiful upside down... BUT ESPECIALLY upside down, in the pitch black, in the middle of the night…" @highlandflingbungee joked back. LOL! 

On that note, if you're a tourist who wants to soak in the views of the surrounding Scottish Highlands (albeit while flying through the air upside down) a daytime jump might be better suited to you. However, if you want to immerse yourself in a truly heart-pounding, adrenaline-inducing experience, perhaps you'll have the guts to brave the "Blackout Bungee." If you're seriously interested in giving it a try, you can pre-book a space- and check out their other bungee jumping options- on their website here.

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