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Teacher Shares How To Save a Bundle With Black Friday Travel Deals

People always go nuts with Christmas shopping right after Thanksgiving. Black Friday ushers in tons of deals for all sorts of items, while Cyber Monday allows consumers to get online deals without standing in line in person and risking being trampled in shocking Black Friday rushes. Black Friday sn't just for physical stuff, though- you can get some really good travel deals, too.

TikTok user @megthetravelingteacher loves two things: teaching and travel. In this video, she gives us the scoop on some major Black Friday travel deals. 

These seem like they're shaping up to be some pretty sweet deals! Finding a good flight or hotel stay at a discount is always a gem, and many people depend on deals and discounts to afford dream vacations. Taking advantage of these Black Friday deals might be your ticket (so to speak) to scoring a stellar vacation for next year on the cheap!

"How about Trying to book my honeymoon asap," wondered @fyeahstephanie. "Yes! That’s the first one on my list (not in this vid but on my blog, up to 30% off! But for honeymoon, I’d recommend looking at Exoticca. They do full packages and they’re doing like $1000 off. My husband and I leave for South Africa in 2 weeks through them 2200 each!!! Booked last Black Friday," Meg recommended.

Now that's a huge savings! And just like many "Black Friday" sales nowadays, the deals aren't relegated just to the day itself. "It’s already started for some companies. I’ve got a list with dates and codes etc if you want to check it out," Meg told one of her followers- we've linked her updated blog page with this year's links and codes here. We hope that some of these deals can help you book the trip of your dreams without breaking the bank!

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