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Booze Station That's Hidden in the Black Forest in Germany Is Too Good to Be True

Has this ever happened to you? You're on a hike or a long walk through the forest and you think to yourself "Man, you know what I could really go for right now? Some schnapps." to the schnapps? Alright, fair enough. Still, we think you'll get a kick out of this: in Germany's Black Forest, there are little huts which offer beer, wine, schnapps, and other alcohol to thirsty travelers. Sharing the video on their TikTok account @hesaidorshesaid, Denise and Ryne happened upon one while walking in the Black Forest, and we gotta say, this is so cool.

What a wonderful hidden treat! It would be so nice to take a breather on a long hike and settle down with a glass of ice cold German beer. But how do the bottles stay cold, you ask? The answer is actually really cool, as @paulalbrecht3 explains: "You skipped the 'coolest' part! the drinks are being cooled by the mountain spring it's standing on. Engineering at it's coolest!" Wow! Smart, eco-friendly, and *literally* cool!

Little huts like these that serve food and drink can be found all over parts of Europe- recently we talked about huts in the Swiss Alps where farmers leave cheese and things to sell. There are many more examples as well! "That’s just so European. We got that in Belgium too but then it’s full of Trappist beer 🥰," said @mrvelboy117. "I like in Denmark you have the same for fruits and vegetables you can buy like that straight from the field of a farmer," shared @silentkid361.

Of course, these little huts and stores only work because people follow the trust system. Commenters were less optimistic about the same system working overseas: "Good luck with that trust system in US 😂😂," mused @davidsworld52. In many European societies, however, it's ingrained in the culture. "I'm telling you rn, as a German, just the thought of NOT paying made me squirm in my seat," said @celestmoon2002.

It's good to see, though, that so many people are willing to do their part- and then some! "I swear whenever something is trust based like this i feel like paying more just in case someone else doesnt pay 🥰," stated @jaboisomin. We love to see that kind of caring and cooperation!

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