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Cruise Ship Worker Shares a Little-Known Fact About Birds and Cruises

Have you ever had a question about cruise ships but were too afraid to ask (or, y'know, didn't know who to ask)? If so, TikTok's is the guy for you. A musician performing aboard Royal Caribbean's 'Wonder of the Seas,' he frequently fills his followers in on life at sea and shares little-known facts about cruise ships.

The fact he shares with us in this video is genuinely intriguing. Ever wondered why you don't have tons of sea birds hanging out on deck on your cruise? Bryan has the answer:

Let's be honest, if cruise ships didn't have a way to ward off seagulls and other marine birds, every deck would be a warzone. Think about all the snacks and meals people take with them to the upper decks. Now think about all the birds seeing a floating island of food out in the middle of the ocean- it would be a total jackpot to them. If these speakers weren't there to discourage avian visitors, every cruise would probably end up looking like Hitchcock's The Birds! And that's not even taking into account all the bird poop... yuck!

Bryan speculated that these speakers were playing the sounds of non-sea birds, such as eagles or... dinosaurs (we'd like to see how they get dinosaur sounds, LOL). However, one user in the comments clarified what those cries actually were. "It’s generally the sounds of birds in distress, so the birds think there is danger and avoid it," explained @ryanleftysolo. Imagine a ship playing the sounds of people screaming in terror so that other people wouldn't climb aboard... there's a premise for a horror story right there!

Cruise ships aren't the only places where this tactic is used. "My college has a similar system to deter birds and squirrels," said @doritos94z. "We have one in our parking lot so the crows don’t eat the rubber on our windshield wipers lol," shared @vickivonr. "LOL we have a car dealership that does this. Keeps those cars clean haha," @terizeger laughed.

From interesting and obscure facts about cruise ships to amusing anecdotes about life working at sea, we always come away from Bryan's videos more informed than we were before. And now we know why we're spared from having to wrestle our french fries away from seagulls when we're cruising at sea!

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