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Bird Gets Loose on Flight to Nashville and One Man’s Reaction Has People Talking

Imagine getting onto a flight home, putting your carry-on bag away, then just as you sit down you look up and see something flying, and we’re not talking about the plane. A seemingly normal flight to Nashville took a turn when a bird was noticed flying around the cabin. You can only imagine just how chaotic the whole scene was! 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @kyliejjones we can see the passengers on the plane all sitting down, some even covering their heads in fear of the flying creature. However, in the back of the plane stood one lone man, and the way he reacted was totally unexpected, and impressive!

We don’t know about you, but we’d definitely be the woman with the magazine over her head! The man was so confident in catching the bird must be because this plane was off to Nashville, Tennessee. Some of the comments argued that his southern skills were the reason he caught the bird so seamlessly. @spacecowgirrlllll replied, “Only a true Tennessee man could grab a bird with such ease.” Some people in the comments even called to move him up to first class, deservingly so!

Sure, we see birds flying around outside all the time, but we can’t even imagine one flying less than a foot away from me on an already crowded airplane! The commenters agreed that urban people would not have handled this situation as smoothly. One comment said by @ash.lawton stated, “Imagine if it was a flight from LA to NYC, no one would know what to do.” So true! Something tells us if that were the case, it would’ve been nothing but constant screaming and chaos.

As for the bird? Hopefully, the flight crew released it back into the open air as soon as the plane landed. The poor thing sure had enough adventure for one day! 

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