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Video Listing the 3 Best Times to Visit a Disney Park Is Some Pretty Sage Advice

If you're planning a trip to Disney, listen up!

Anyone who's ever tried to plan a vacation to one of the Disney parks knows how many different elements go into making sure everything goes smoothly. Park tickets, dining reservations, choosing the right hotel — it's not for the weak! 

And to be honest, the success of the trip also depends heavily on the time of year you visit. Obviously, going to Disney on big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving is best avoided, since the crowds are always out of control, but what are the best times to go? If you're in the early stages of planning your next trip, pay attention — @thrillspace on TikTok is revealing all, and it's not necessarily when we would have thought to visit!

This video ranks the three best times to go to Disney for low crowds, with early January being the third best, early December before the holiday rush, and early into the school year — with weekdays being preferable to weekends, of course. It makes sense; these are all times when people usually aren't traveling and when many are busy with school and work. This so smart! 

And in case you're a little skeptical, don't worry. Plenty of people are backing up this video's claims in the comments while also adding travel suggestions of their own.

"Went in August last year when school resumed. Did almost all the rides in 1 day," one person said.

Another suggested, "Actually February is the best time, worked there for 5 years and that was always the slowest time." 

Next time we go, it's definitely going to be one of these times. Disney with shorter wait times? Sign us up! 

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